Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Labor Day

Norah's white dress was lace but the grass stains on her naked knees were lime green. It was Labor Day in New Haven, and Norah tied her hair into a side braid as she walked down to The Noodle House. It was a bad day, but the coconut curry noodle soup was always good.

Norah's sunglasses reminded her of every state trooper she'd ever seen and rested softly upon the slight notch on the slope of her nose. She thought it was convenient, though the bump still emanated a dull aching pain from the accident one month earlier.

She wondered how many other mildly-pretty women had been kneed in the face on a multi-rider-waterpark-ride. She remembered the blood streaming out of her nose and into the wading pool; her hands cupped under her face, catching the crimson liquid, and then the ice bag pressed against her face as she waited in line for the next ride. One knee to the face was not going to ruin her entire day.

"Fuck you! You're an asshole's dick, and I never loved you anyway!" She remembered screaming those final words at David before slamming the door behind her and tripping down the porch stairs to the sidewalk. She wondered if David got hit by a car today, running down the street, trying to win her back-- if she was okay with those final words. But she also knew that potentially, no one but David may have heard them, which would grant her years of pity and sympathy for losing the one she "loved."

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